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We are looking for agents who are hungry, humble and coachable. Real Estate REsolved is a family-oriented real estate brokerage offering the support you need to realize your business goals. We focus on growth, training, development, and designing a support system to maximize your opportunities. We always strive to uplift one another and reach for leaving a positive lasting legacy,

Your heart belongs here if you:

  • Enjoy being direct
  • Thrive in taking action
  • Are ready to pour into your passion
  • Jump at the chance to provide solutions
  • Are inspired by collaborating ideas
  • Strive to leave a positive impact
  • Appreciate the challenge of a growing team
  • Say yes to leadership opportunities

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and want to be a part of a supportive family, start the conversation today!

Find YOUR Why

Reasons Why This Brokerage Home Is For You

Start your journey of mentorship and training alongside Lori Alvarez, a caring and hardworking real estate agent and investor with a heart of service. Benefit from...

1. Trusted mentorship: Benefit from 17+ years of industry experience, gaining wisdom and proven strategies for success.

2. Practical expertise: Learn property analysis, deal structuring, market trends, and more for informed decision-making.

3. Expand your network: Connect with professionals, experts, and potential partners for greater opportunities.

4. Accelerate your growth: Receive personalized guidance towards your goals, avoiding pitfalls and fast-tracking your progress.

5. Confidence and motivation: Lori Alvarez's support and passion will boost your confidence and keep you focused on your goals.

Join your Family Home Brokerage on a journey of career growth, learning, and leave a legacy.

We Embrace Technology

Blessed to be a blessing

building family real estate legacies.






5 Star Reviews


5 Star Reviews


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Find Your Brokerage

Finding your Home Brokerage is the start of your growth.

As you search for your Home Brokerage, keep these questions in mind. 

1. What is the Brokerage's reputation in the industry?

2. What training and mentorship opportunities are available to develop your talents?

3. Does the commission split align with your goals?

4. Does the culture align with your heart's values?

5. Does the marketing and technology tools provided support what you need?

6. Do any brokerage fees and expenses align with your budget?


Find Your Passion

We know you're capable of anything you set your mind to.

Ask yourself these questions.

1. Do I believe I have the ability to be a high-performing real estate agent?

2. What previous accomplishments remind me that I'm capable of anything?

3. What kind of impact do I want to leave on the world?

4. Does a real estate career help me to achieve my goals?


Learn Your Personality

The DISC test is a valuable tool for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance communication, collaboration, and performance.

By understanding yourself and others better, you can build stronger relationships and work more effectively towards shared goals. 

Take the DISC test to dig deeper.



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Meet The Team

Chat with others who chose to be a part of the Brokerage Family. Get the open and honest talk you need to make a confident decision in your legacy building journey in real estate.

Visit: 1340 E Rte. 66 #210, Glendora, CA 91740


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